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I love details, lists, and organization. I love the challenge of bringing together magical wedding dreams with more realistic wedding budgets. I am extremely inspired by vintage decor and furniture and have a keen eye for picking out pieces with a ton of character. My eclectic style and knack for sifting through thrift stores and flea markets lend perfectly to creating events that look and feel unlike any other event. I truly believe that all couples are unique and therefore, no two weddings should ever be the same! 


I was born and raised in San Diego and those beach roots run deep. While I moved up to San Francisco to pursue my Masters in Education in 2005, you can always find me by an ocean with my flip flops, soaking up whatever rays of sunshine I can find. I began my professional career as an elementary school teacher in San Francisco, transitioned into managing restaurants, and eventually steered myself in the direction of opening and running hand+heart Weddings and Events (definitely NOT linear, I know!). It is through my earlier careers where I learned how to communicate effectively, harvest creativity, empathize with people from all walks of life, and organize the HECK out of every situation. Interestingly enough, teaching children and managing adults in a  restaurant are very much alike! 


I have called San Francisco home for about 13 years now and live in the Outer Sunset. I love this city, the diversity it breeds, and the uniqueness that it welcomes. In my free time I love to go on adventures with my fiancee, José, cook delicious meals with equally delicious wine for friends, and spend time outdoors doing absolutely anything. 


My favorite part of planning weddings is the connections that I make with newly engaged couples. I truly care about the couples that I work with and often find myself becoming close friends with the bride and groom during the planning process. I am extremely passionate about making this time a positive and exciting experience and do everything I can to make your life easier. I strive to get to know each couple, their families, close friends, and fur babies individually so that the love, joy, and excitement of this huge milestone is felt throughout all of your circles! I believe positivity breeds more positivity, and I always approach challenging situations with optimism.